The smell of gasoline must signal that we need to run for our lives

Axo Sal
4 min readFeb 25, 2022


L’odeur de l’essence

Translated to English:

They’re waiting for a country

[Verse 1]

(Look) Nostalgia lures them with the greatness of a past France that is but a fantasy

(Look) Lack of understanding grabs those who see their faith being seen as unworthy, without questions

(Look) Fear persuades them that foreigners are coming into their living rooms to replace them

(Look) Despair makes them take risks to survive where we’ve crammed them all together

(Listen) Paranoia convinces them wе can’t go out on the streets without being in danger

(Listеn) Panic pushes them to scream the Earth’s dying and no one gives a fuck

(Listen) Mistrust triggers them, saying we can’t eat anymore, we don’t even have the right to think anymore

(Listen) Hate pushes them to extremes, to fire it all up, to burn it all


The smell of gasoline

The smell of gasoline

The smell of gasoline

[Verse 2]

The die has been cast, all of our leaders have failed

They’ll be destroyed by the beast they have created

Trust died at the same time as respect

What governs us? Fear and anxiety

We’re self-destructing, we’re looking for an enemy

Some say, “we’re fucked,” others are in denial

Billionaires are passing their inheritance on to their stupid kids

History belongs to those who wrote it

No one listens anymore, everyone spews their opinion

No one changes their mind, only meaningless debates

Everyone’s getting agitated that everyone’s getting agitated

Only rigid opinions, nothing’s ever accurate

No more time to think, tyranny of numbers

12-year-old kids’ tweets are being cited in the media

Intelligence doesn’t sell as well as controversy

Battle royale, it’s every man for his little team (Look)

Fascist bastard, hysterical bitch (Look)

Everything is reactionary, everything is systemic (Look)

Soon as an idiot does something bad

Somehow the whole world gets sensitive (Look)

The perpetrators are the former victims

The never-ending cycle of evil

Everything worsens, everything repeats

No solutions, only critics

Everyone is sensitive (Sensitive) Everything is sensitive (Sensitive)

Everyone is on the defensive (Sensitive)

Sensitive subject, sensitive person (Sensitive)

Sensitive (Sensitive) Sensitive (Sensitive)

Sensitive (Sensitive) Everything is sensitive (Sensitive)

Everyone is on the defensive (Sensitive)

Sensitive subject, sensitive person (Sensitive, sensitive, sensitive)

Everyone’s fucking everyone, trying to make a little train

One out of every two discussions is someone complaining

While the rest of the world suffers to sustain our lifestyle

Parents drink, but for the kids there’s no cheers

Car accidents, domestic violence

Alcohol generating evil

Nothing fills more hospitals and court rooms

They deny their alcoholism only to then talk bad about it

We take Mongols, give them weapons

Call it “justice,” get surprised by the tragedies

Caught in an infernal vortex

We fight evil with evil and the media eats it up

Only trivial news stories,

You’re either for or against, everything is binary

Publicity seekers flirt with extremes

Since the Mongols have become the experts

Surrounded by Mongols, the Mongol Empire

We act like Mongols to please Mongols

We’re gonna fall like the Mongols

Like the Egyptians, like the Romans, like the Mayans, like the Greeks

We need a reboot, we need a reset

We don’t believe in anything anymore, everything is deepfake

Facing the unknown in rejection

Mix of fear, hate and sadness

Our contradictions, our dilemmas

Corrupt, I was born into the system

No one is moving in the same direction, everything is inert

We only see a single form of wealth

Taking money from people is stealing except when it’s a business

Generation Z ’cause it’ll be the last

It’s clear we haven’t known war

All the old people vote, they’re gonna decide our future

Grandma votes Marine, she has three years to live

Fascist YouTubers, subversive usernames

Look what happens when you censor artists

Nothing ever progresses, many are radicalized

Without historical frames of reference, they get lost in the nostalgia

For a time when others were already nostalgic

For a time when others were already nostalgic

For a time when — Uh! Fuck! The …

Sheep just want a charismatic leader

No empathy, everything is hierarchical

School only teaches you individualism

They teach you how to make money, not friends

If the president wins half the votes

That means two-thirds of France didn’t want him

No need to know what the Senate is

To see that old rich people make the laws, uh

No one likes the rich ’til they become one

Then they stash their money, trembling in fear of losing it

So many shitty jobs, pretending to work

How many jobs are just to satisfy our bosses?

We’re fed judgment, we’re fed clichés

We can’t even feed ourselves, yet we destroy each other

We can’t handle our emotions so we hide them

Can’t handle our relationships so we ruin them

Don’t accept who we are so we’re cowards

There’s no forgiveness in a world where nothing gets deleted

We spit on each other, we don’t know how to live together

We’re fighting to be at the front of a plane heading straight into a … crash.



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