On Our Shared Life Purpose

Our existence, our consciousness wants to explore, discover and experience the potential and potentialities of this world in all of its possible forms. It wants to create and invent. it wants to evolve to greater understanding of this existence. Greater collective intelligence continuously emerges. Consciousness with greater interconnectednes gains greater mastery which allows higher complexity of creations. This is what history shows us. And our minds and bodies are programmed to move, both literally and figuratively. Made to explore, discover and contribute to the evolution of existence. Even when you encounter hardships and challenges of life you need to learn how to deal with them to keep moving, to keep living, exploring and discovering… because when you stop contributing to this purpose of life, you start to feel the nagging feeling of that something is wrong. You can’t put a finger on it but it bothers you. You can start to feel depressed. It’s just a signal of misalignment with our purpose. Cause when you stop living, I mean living as we are supposed to do… living, wandering, creating, contributing. When one stops to do that, the chances are that one will start to feel unfulfilled in all this meaninglessness. When you stop living, you start to slowly die. That’s why we need to create environments that help us to live our shared life purpose… environments that provide people with all of the needs in order for us to keep exploring and discovering all that this universe has to offer… in order for us to keep experiencing and enjoying moments of this existence. We need to create communities, societies where we take care of each other, where we help each other with raising our children, where we help each other to cultivate our characters. An environment that stimulates our curiosity, where we cooperate to solve our problems, where we work together to meet our needs… all that to help us receive the treasures that the purpose of this existence has to offer… we are made to LIVE, to LOVE, to THRIVE, to EVOLVE.

That’s why no one has the rights to oppress other people’s ability to contribute to and live the purpose of this existence. Directly or indirectly, slowly or quickly. No form of suffocation, oppression, exploitation or killing of life. No unnecessary suffering caused by our systems of thinking, acting and interacting. Structures where it is today possible to get what you want at the cost of other lives. But sooner or later, in one way or another, it will haunt you and beings around you. The wrongs will always ripple out, emerge and disturb. As will un-consented hierarchy… power-heads from above that suffocate your life, your potential, your expression of life itself. This is happening everyday, all over the place… in your family, in your relationships, at school, at your work, in your society. But we are so used to this, that we don’t even question it. We don’t question our ways of doing things. We are used to oppression so we suffocate our own feelings of what feels wrong. Cause we think that this is how things supposed to be. But is it not the case that what we are supposed to be doing is enhancing, elevating and empowering everyone’s ability to thrive? And this is only possible when we co-own the existence we co-create. A world where no-one takes unjust credit and immoral appropriation of wealth WE co-create. Where each, instead, based on their abilities and know-how cooperates with others and has power to form and shape a world that thrives. Where entities independently of current destructive systems summon their powers to build and provide a new platform, a new ground and foundation for everyone’s flourishment. And each can contribute to this in their own way. Cause if we don’t do that our world will let us know. The wrongs will always ripple out, emerge and disturb. And the world, it also, starts to die off when we don’t live up to the meaning of this existence. And when the world starts to die, it takes us all with it, so that it can start all over again… anew… striving to find life forms that can co-exist, explore and evolve in a balanced and sustainable way. This is what existence itself asks of us. You’ll find out… if you seek deeply. And this is what we need for long-term, sustained happines, and enjoyment. It might… or rather… it will… it will for sure take an effort to begin with. You might wanna escape it… escape reality, escape the challenges for a short-term pleasures. But you cannot escape what permeates it all. It will find a way to get you down. But sustained life-pleasure and fulfillment is possible if you develop right foundations… if we develop right foundations. Foundations without the cracks that we currently fall into. We need a NEW stable foundation, with a stable supply of EUPHORIA ;) Those who know they know :D

Imagine and fantasise about contributing to the development of a new thriving world. All of the challenges and beautiful moments on our way there. And once we are there, all of the joy and excitement over all of the wonderful experiences and things we can create. An environment where wellbeing is a default mode instead of our current anxious existence. Cause that envrionment aligns us with Our Shared Life Purpose ;)



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