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Given an ever-changing world with countless of problems and many opportunities, the only certain part is human potential, which is a universal force for problem-solving and advancements. Human potential can thrive in a good environment with helpful or conducive processes. For example, a socio-economic system where humans can coordinate and flourish in order to tackle any type of problem or breakthrough. Socioeconomic systems with greater inclusion and smarter democracy for greater public good. Therefore, developing cooperative social formations that are conducive to people’s prosperity can be of great value. What can be of even greater value is connecting those cooperative entities across the world to form a global union. …

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The following are some thoughts on processes for good communication between people that give birth to great ideas and solutions.

Establish a common goal.

A group of people can be brought together to explore the paths that would benefit the whole community the most. And this, above else should be the objective of the session. One has to try to really consider all of the perspective and strive to do what’s best for the most people. To come to an optimal compromise of sort. People need to have the underlying philosophy that would dictate their way of thinking and doing things. …

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Everything in the company starts with the individual. If individuals are at their best the company is too. Let’s start by taking a look at individual needs according to Maslow’s research.

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We all have something to tell and communicate. Often times it ends up to be this formal text that the majority of people don’t feel that enthusiastic about. So you gotta express and get your message across in an interesting manner. One way is through storytelling which is proven to be an effective method that gets people engaged and makes things memorable.

It is also known that the reason and best arguments don’t always win. There are other things that play into people’s beliefs and choices. Storytelling engages more with other sides such as emotions.

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Coronavirus and economic crisis swept over the world putting people at risk at being able to provide themselves with basic needs. This showcases a tremendous need for an upgrade to our social operating system. We need one where people would be provided basic needs no matter what. One that democratizes ownership and decision-making and gives the weighted power to scientific units to create an optimal system for all. One that coordinates entities and creates incentives to act in accordance with world-priorities. One that would dynamically mobilize entities towards the problems and advancement that the world really needs.

We need to set up units, institutions and organizations that would ensure the basic needs of all. Things like housing, food, appliances and the internet. Democratic Confederalism, successful experiments of which were done in Rojava showed that even in the harshest of situations such as war-conflict, you can provide people with basic needs. …

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The world has many problems. Where do they come from? What are the root causes?

Some analysis might bring you to the insight that the societal systems such as governance and economy that we have in the world are the ones influencing how everything operates.

Systems are designed in a certain way, with certain guiding principles and rules, which tend to direct people, companies, resources and countries to a particular mode of operating which creates the patterns and results we see in the world.

It is not a group or couple of companies or individuals who create problems but it is the systems that are creating such conditions in which such is possible. A good, effective system would operate in such a way that would minimize the bad and maximize the good for all and the whole that we exist in. What could that way of operating be? For the record, Aiida is an AI, currently adapted for the document workflow automation. In this piece of content, we imagine Aiida becoming an Artificial General Intelligence and how it could help us in managing the world. …

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The web is one of the most dynamic fields within the tech industry. There are new things coming out continuously and it can be hard to keep up. That’s why I thought I could help with this piece of content about all the good web technologies.

Brief about known to most frameworks:

React is the current Queen of front-end web development. With new Hooks which cuts down the boilerplate code, React becomes more dev-friendly. Context API helps to manage the global state, which equals to less of a need in bringing in Redux. Of course, there are also known to all Vue, which is popular, even more so than React according to GitHub stars. It seems to be easier than React. Vue has its own templating language compared to React using JSX which MPJ from “fun fun function” compares in this video. …

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We all know that AI has the power to do so much good in the world. But AI safety is also something to consider in order to minimize the negatives. Here we are gonna go over some of the points.

Democratization & education

The more people have the power of knowledge when it comes to AI the better off we will be. The collective good will then be greater than one’s evil actions.


We need to teach the AI good and bad. Here’s one project trying to do this


As it is us, humans, who will teach AI the values it’s important that those include the values of all and not the select few. …

The current state of AI can do many things, but there are still challenges to workout before we reach human-like brains. Some of the current challenges with AI include learning without labels and generalization of learning. What is the edge and the future of AI? For businesses to adopt cutting-edge tech can be an advantage. Here, we’re gonna go over some of the AI developments that try to overcome the current challenges and that are somewhat different from the traditional AI techniques and are more similar to human brains.


Memory Attention Composition (MAC) — Example use case is Machine Reasoning. The controller is separated from memory and its read and write operations. Layers are stacked to form a bigger network. MAC gave state of the art on CLEVR visual dataset/knowledge base where MAC nets answer questions to the visual content shown to it. For example in the picture where there is one cube and a ball. The question that network can answer to can be “What is next to the cube?” …

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You often hear worries about AI bringing automation and taking away jobs. If done right this can be a good thing. More meaningless activities automated equals more meaningful activities for people. It comes down to untapped human potential. Everyone has a potential to make a difference but often times that potential is not taken advantage of because people are working on low impact areas.

AI can help to create a society where resources are not scarce, they are shared. Autonomous cars is one of the examples. People will have less of a need to fight over resources. …


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Striving towards the biggest positive world-impact. Utilitarian Polymath. Utilissance Society.

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